Let Food Be Thy Medicine

How the Food Medicine Diet helped me forget I even had MS

5 simple rules so you can stop worrying about what you should or shouldn't eat

The one thing effective MS diets have in common

Massively reduce inflammation in your body

How your gut microbes are your best ally in making MS irrelevant

Powerful foods that accelerate your body's remyelination so you can start reversing some of the damage

There's no calorie counting or fat tracking. It's simple and sustainable.

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Hi, I'm Dani

My first MS attack was in 1998. I had just finished an Army Reserve Officer Training course.

When I was diagnosed, there were only 4 medications and they had nasty side effects. I chose to wait.

In 2013, when I thought my MS was becoming progressive, I got serious about a practical food solution and started experimenting. A few years later got to NEDA - No Evidence of Disease Activity - the holy grail!

I was able to heal my old symptoms and start doing things I hadn't been able to for years. Like running. I even climbed the Great Wall of China.

If I can do it, you can do it too.

So if you're taking an MS drug that works, keep taking it. But let food by your medicine as well.

No drug can do what food can.

Imagine doing things you haven't

been able to do for years.

Do it fast or slow. Go at your own pace.

5 Simple Rules

9 Short Videos (7 to 16 minutes each) so you understand why this works

5 Sets of Action Steps so it's easy to get started

6 Downloadable files so you can plan and reuse them as many times as you want

What is included in the Food Medicine Diet for MS course?

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Pantry List

Everything you need to get including everyday essential food medicines

Powerful herbs and spices

All readily available ingredients

Health boosting supplements and food medicines to get (and they are not expensive).

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7 Day Meal Plan

Tips and tricks to easily customise for your own tastes and dietary requirements

No special equipment needed

No expensive ingredients

Nutritious and satisfying meals

All meals are FAST to make (20 minutes or less)

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12 delicious recipe ideas the whole family will love

All of them take 15 minutes or less to make

4 satisfying breakfasts

4 scrumptuous lunches or dinners

4 delectable treats or snacks

Quick, easy and family-friendly

Have Questions?

We Have an Answer!

How is the Food Medicine Diet for MS DIFFERENT to other MS diets?

The easy video course includes a review of all the effective MS diets. This is less restrictive and much simpler. It's based on my lived experience of 25+ years with MS. This is simple and sustainable.

Does the MS Diet mean I can stop taking my medication?

If you're taking an MS drug that works, keep taking it. You can do this as well.

Is the Food Medicine Diet for MS based on scientific evidence?

Absolutely! I have spent one year researching why my diet works so well for me and have included links to all the evidence. It's also based on common sense, but common sense is not common practice.

Can you guarantee the results I will get?

Despite all best efforts, it's not possible to guarantee the results you will get. Everyone is different, The Food Medicine Diet is what worked for me.

What are the terms of the 100% guarantee?

If you purchase the Food Medicine Diet for MS and decide, for whatever reason, that it will not work for you, send us an email within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money with no questions asked.



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